Overcome confusion and procrastination and make sh*t happen instead

3 weeks to breakthrough program for people who have had an idea for far too long

You have it in you - that idea for how you want to live your life, what you want to contribute to the world. The project, the business, the blog, the solution - it's right there and desperately wants to come out. 

But you can't quite grasp it. Sometimes it seems clear and obvious - then it disappears. You get distracted. Overwhelmed. Confused. 

And life just keeps on happening with all its demands and interruptions - work, money, family, commitments. And before you know it, another year has gone by - and nothing has changed. 

And maybe there is not just one thing. Maybe, being the vibrant, multi-passionate and caring person you are, there are many problems that you want to fix. Many things you want to do - and sometimes there's a new idea each day.

And that's ok. 

But NONE of the best ideas solve a single thing, unless they HAPPEN. 

It's time for a new approach

Master the foundations of empowered action

  • Clarity

    Get clear on why you need this thing that is your idea, why the world needs it and what this 'thing' actually is. Get the prompts, the templates, feedback and accountability you need to finally nail this - all wrapped into one.

  • Certainty

    If you were a car, this is where you stop idling, get into gear and start revving... Did you think you didn't have the confidence, certainty or persistence you need to see this through? - Let me prove to you that you do - and surprise yourself.

  • Systems

    Capture, organize and deliver is the motto of this week - curtain up and get direct insight into the systems you need to map, plan, organize - and ensure execution from here on in. The time of failed time management and project planning is hereby officially over.

What we'll do together

We will commit. We'll take some time to focus and nail the basics. And then we'll share.

  • Three weekly training sessions

  • Access to all of my planning templates and systems (download)

  • Writing prompts and priming audio to deepen commitment every day

But here's the catch

It's time to pay!!! - Wait - what?????????

I could give all of this to you for free - and I'd actually be very happy to. Truly. For my early bird before we kicked off with the first group on Nov 4, I even only charged $10!! 🤯

Why? - Because I know that it will make the world a better place. By helping you finally make your idea, project or even business a reality the world will get to benefit from your unique contribution. That's reward enough for me. 

However, there's a problem: You have been dabbling for too long already. You haven't given it your all. And how you do one thing you do everything. So let's change that pattern, right now - let's decide and commit. 

So I'm asking you to put some money towards this thing as your token of determination. 

A price to say "I'm ready!" Take it as the first committed action step towards getting serious about this. 

So let's charge you $150. That does by no means reflect the value you'll get out of this - and it is only a negligible fraction of what it will mean for your life to finally get this sorted. To finally launch and look back at 2020 as the year when it all began. 

But it will send a powerful signal to your subconscious mind that you are now switching into action mode.

Your first step to breakthrough is right here

It's time to start investing in yourself

What you've been asking me

  • Why is this so cheap??

    Well- you can pay more if you like! - The reason why this is so cheap is because I want to reward early action takers who are willing to commit to their idea. Once we launch on Monday, the doors will remain open as a self-study course but the price will go up significantly and be much closer to the actual value you're getting out of this.

  • How much time will this take?

    It will take about 4-5 hrs over the 3 weeks to complete the course work - plus social time if you choose. However, there is ALWAYS the invitation to take this as an opportunity to work more on yourself - and benefit from the support you get during this period. So - go above and beyond if you like!!