The Green Living Masterclass will help to

  • Reduce your impact on the planet

    Learn practical skills you need to live a green lifestyle that leaves you satisfied, confident and guilt-free: How to grow your own food, compost, go zero waste, make your own cleaning products and save water and carbon emissions are ALL part of this course!

  • Improve your health

    Discover how do reduce toxic chemicals in your food, your living environment and - ultimately - your body! Experience the positive health impacts of organic living - reduced body weight, more energy, less brain fog and better immunity

  • Save money

    Learn to bring down energy and water bills, reduce your shopping expenses and grocery bills while improving your carbon footprint and eating better!

Easy, fun and practical - and full of impact

The LOVE LIVING GREEN MASTERCLASS is a comprehensive, step by step, online training in all areas of personal and household sustainability.

If you want to go green (or greener!) and you want it to be easy, fun and interesting, cost-effective, cool, influential and deeply rewarding…. you’re in the right place. This course is for those who would like up-to-date, accessible learning and practical guidance about living more sustainably: doing less harm and more good to the world we live in; living in a way that is considerate of and responsible for our environment and enhances the quality of our personal, social and planetary lives.

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Participants in this course have experienced:

  • Improved inspiration and motivation

  • Up to 50% reduction in their energy bills

  • Weight loss and improved health

  • Greater satisfaction and sense of contribution

  • Greatly reduced living costs

  • More quality time with family

What people are saying

“This was the best thing I could have done to gain the knowledge to help my family live a more sustainable and healthy life”

“A real eye opener! It made me do more to be self-reliant”

“A LOT more people need to know about all the things we have learnt!”

“Really enjoyed the waste session – in fact, enjoyed every session – loved it!!”

“I've changed my life - now I'm changing my workplace! All my colleagues are on board.”

“This gave me motivation to make positive lifestyle changes – I would recommend it to others”

Here’s what you get from the LOVE LIVING GREEN MASTERCLASS:

Six course modules with over 10 hours of in-depth videos, plus worksheets and resource links :

  • Sustainability and Resilience Foundations

    The fundamental principles of sustainability and resilience - so that you can make the right decision every time.

  • Food

    Part 1: The non-toxic diet. Sustainable shopping. Eat organic and save $$. Good cooking from basics. DIY bread. Part 2: Growing food. Gardens: where, how, what and when.

  • Waste

    Organic waste and compost, even in cities. How to reduce, re-use, recycle. Zero waste.

  • Water

    Keeping water clean. DIY non-toxic cleaning. Reducing water waste in the house and garden.

  • Climate

    Understanding climate change, peak oil and how they relate. Effective energy reduction and cost savings at home. Reducing fossil fuel use and sustainable transport options.

  • Green Money

    Understanding our money system and how it relates to sustainability. Voting with your wallet and reducing expenses.

Bonus material

  • The complete Green Living Action Workbook

    Get your 140-page Action E-book full of information, practical advice and life lessons learned personally here at the Rabbithole!

  • Mindset module

    If you've tried to make lifestyle changes in the past but they didn't stick it's probably because you weren't given the right coaching tools to help you implement change! Check out this bonus section full of tips and tricks to help you keep on track!

  • Rippling change module

    Lifestyle changes become so much more powerful if you can get the peer support you need to keep you motivated! If you've been struggling to convince your spouse, your colleagues or your teenager from joining your cause - this extra sessions gives you leading edge communciation tools and techniques to bring them on board!

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Natalie Hormann

Sustainable Living Coach and Trainer

My name is Natalie and I've spent the last 15 years learning and experimenting with the best ways to make sustainable living simple, fun and practical. How to make it a way of life, not a chore. And I love to share what I have learned so that you don't have to spend the same amount of time learning how to make a difference to your life and that of your children. I've been running sustainability workshops for over 8 years now, helping hundreds of people make changes in their life by providing information that- is tried, tested and practical- gives you a deep understanding of both the problem and the solution. But information is only the first step. To make real change, it takes more than that. So I will coach you to make sure it takes hold in your life, so that you develop momentum and your sustainability journey becomes bigger and bolder every day, rather than withering away. I run a 2-acre permaculture property called "The Rabbithole" in Upper Hutt, New Zealand, walking the talk every day. Check out

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and welcome

    • Welcome to the Masterclass!

  • 2

    Sustainability and resilience foundations

    • Module 1- Sustainability mindset

    • Complete Action Workbook

    • Love Living Green Goal setting template

    • Love Living Green Annual Planner

    • Module 1 Link sheet

    • BONUS: "Have beans" game video tutorial

    • BONUS: "Have beans" game instructions

    • Week 1 Q&A

    • Module 1 - Question and Answers

  • 3

    Healthy, sustainable and non-toxic food

    • Module 2 lesson: Green food choices

    • Module 2 - Link sheet

    • Resilience worksheet

    • BONUS: How to start a garden

    • BONUS: Breadmaking

    • Module 2 - Questions and Answers

  • 4

    Eliminating rubbish

    • Journey towards zero waste

    • How to compost

    • BONUS: How to compile a compost heap

    • BONUS: Wormfarming

    • BONUS: Recyclables and avoiding waste

    • Module 3 link list

    • Home waste audit recording sheet

    • Module 3 Questions and Answers

  • 5

    Taking care of our water

    • Water introduction

    • Module 4 lecture: Taking care of water

    • Video lesson: Non-toxic home cleaning

    • Module 4 link sheet

    • DIY Cleaner recipes

    • Water saving activities

    • Module 4 Questions and Answers

  • 6

    Doing your bit for the climate

    • Welcome to our energy module!

    • Module 5 lecture - Energy use

    • Module 5 link list

    • Travel options quiz

    • Appliance energy use - calculator spreadsheet

    • How much is your car costing you?

    • A short quiz on energy issues at home

    • Module 5 - Questions and Answers

  • 7

    Green money and shopping choices

    • Module 6 lecture

    • Module 6 link list

    • Module 6 Questions and Answers

  • 8

    BONUS module: Implementation strategies

    • Implementing change

    • Change slides

  • 9

    BONUS module: Building support for your sustainability journey

    • Rippling change

    • Rippling change slides

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This is for your even if

  • You have little extra time or money to spend on ‘sustainable stuff’. Good. This course teaches you things that save money!

  • You are not - and don’t want to be - a hippie, tree-hugger or greenie. Don’t worry. You’ll learn smart, sensible behaviours that won’t pigeon-hole you!

  • You live in the city. Excellent – this is urban or rural sustainability.

  • Your partner is not supportive of your endeavors. Great! She/he will be!

  • You are well underway in making sustainable changes in your life. Good. This will take you further, faster.